MRCP-IMT Program

3-year training program (fully in India) delivered in partnership with the Joint Royal College of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB-UK).


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MCI recognised

The MRCP (UK) qualification is recognised by the Medical Council of India.

Supervised learning

The course curriculum and course delivery is supervised by the JRCPTB, UK.

Progress reviews

Regular progress reviews based on the UK ARCP methodology.

Apply for specialty

Apply directly for higher training without any other certificate.

Gain valuable work experience

Work while you're preparing for the MRCP

Work & study
Work full-time in specially curated and recognized multi-specialty hospitals in India while you're preparing for the MRCP-IMT.

IMT learning

IMT forms the first stage of specialty training for most doctors and prepares trainees for participating in acute medicine.

Managing patients

Trainees also learn to manage patients with acute and chronic medical problems.

Which hospitals are part of this program?
For every batch, the list of recognized hospitals vary, because of the limited number of open positions.

Supervised learning

Structured & supervised training program

3-year structured learning
Trainees will receive international standard of learning, equivalent to a physician trainee in the UK, and follow the same core curriculum.

Supervised training

Trainees will be under supervision by both an educational supervisor and a clinical supervisor who'll provide constant support.

Regular assessment

All trainees will undertake assessment by a pool of consultants fully trained by the Royal College of Physicians. Supervisors will also be assessed on a regular basis through appraisal meetings.


Workplace based assessments

Regular WPBAs

Trainees will undergo regular workplace based assessment throughout their training with an ARCP. All ARCPs are supervised by an expert from the JRCPTB.

What are ARCPs?

The means by which doctors in training are reviewed each year to ensure that they are offering safe, quality patient care, and to assess their progression against standards set down in the curriculum for their training programme.

Exposure through rotations

Gain practical exposure across departments

Clinical rotations
Trainees will get practical work experience across the following departments:

  • Internal medicine

  • Neurology

  • Respiratory medicine

  • Cardiology

  • Gastroenterology

  • Nephrology

  • Medical ICU

  • Radio-diagnosis

  • Infectious diseases

  • Rheumatology

  • Emergency Medicine

  • Endocrinology

  • Geriatrics

Selection process


  • Submit the completed application form and wait for an assessment call from the programme coordinators.

  • The assessment results will be shared via email and SMS.


  • You’ll be required to submit your latest CV that highlights all your achievements and core competencies and work experience (if any).

  • The CV will also be used during your interview.


  • You will be interviewed by a panel of doctors who will test your compatibility for the programme, and your goals & aspirants once you complete the programme.

  • There will also be a test of our medical skills knowledge and your CV will also be thoroughly vetted.

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Limited seats

First come-first serve

Selected locations

Course pricing

GooCampus PGCP candidates get access to exclusive discounted pricing

Course pricing

GooCampus PGCP candidates get access to exclusive discounted pricing

Course pricing

GooCampus PGCP candidates get access to exclusive discounted pricing


Application fee


pay along with application form

Monthly stipend

Upto ₹50,000

depends on the location

Course tuition fee


payable per annum for 3 years


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