Build a job-ready portfolio before your interview

Build a job-ready portfolio
before your interview

Gain valuable CPD and application scoring points to make your portfolio stand out amongst the competition.


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Trusted by doctors across the world

Structured fast-tracked portfolio program

Stay accountable

Maintain responsibility by utilizing a straightforward, effortless schedule of tasks.

Save time & money

Save time you'd spend on researching and assessing portfolio activities.

Gain valuable points

Gain up to 55 application and CPD points, which are crucial during interviews.

Access unique courses

Start building a job-ready portfolio with a formal, structured activity schedule.

Research paper writing

Learn to write & publish research papers

Although paper publications are essential, not many applicants focus on it. Join a structured program that prepares you to write & publish high-quality research papers throughout your medical career.

Hands-on course

Join a 6-month hands-on research education course that gets you ready for all aspects of a research project.

Learn statistical tools

Learn necessary statistical tools including SPSS, RevMan, CMA and OpenMetaAnalyst.

Oral and e-poster presentations

Present at medical conferences

Get an opportunity to present your work at medical conferences in front of an audience of healthcare professionals. Presentations can either be oral or in the form of an e-poster.

Event calendar

Get an updated list of all relevant conferences, their guidelines, timeline and rules. Never miss an event again!

Reviewed abstracts

Get experts to proof-read and review your abstracts before submission to increase your chances of selection.

Plan your learning, exams, portfolio building, visa procedures, registrations and application all within your 'ideal timeline'.

Commitment to specialty

Join accredited and approved courses

Join accredited and approved value-added courses to show your 'commitment to specialty', learn valuable skills and gain valuable points.

Commitment to specialty

Carefully chosen specialty-specific courses that upskill and certify your knowledge in a particular specialty.

Audit & QI course

Learn how to appropriately perform audit & QI projects at your institution and publish your findings in journals.

CV writing & interview prep

Ace job interviews with an amazing CV

Get a personalized and expertly crafted CV, designed to help you confidently face the interviews, combine that with near-real mocks and you've got a winning combination.

CV writing

Build the perfect CV that highlights your strengths and all the portfolio activities you've done.

Ace the interview

Mock interviews that prepare you for portfolio-specific interview questions and how to tackle them.

Build a job-ready portfolio

Portfolio Plus by GooCampus

Impress recruiters with a shining portfolio

Research paper

Opportunity to get your research paper published in PubMed.

ALS certification

Face-to-face UK accredited ALS course by certified instructors


Present your oral/e-Poster presentation at medical conferences.

Audit & QIP

Audit & QI course that includes personalised mentorship.


Learn important doctor-patient interaction & management skills.

Portfolio binder

A personal binder that holds all your portfolio-related certifications and files.

CV writing

Personalised CV writing and LinkedIn profile building service.

Profile evaluation

Assess your current self-assessed scoring and prepare for interview questions.


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There's a reason doctors
call it the 'GooCampus Advantage'

Just a call away

You get a single point of contact for any issue, no need to juggle between multiple vendors and organisations.

Structured timeline

Unlike self-preparation, we follow a strict timeline to make sure you complete all major checkpoints on time.

No more applications

Our expert team will manage and assist you through all applications and registrations. No more errors.

Make your portfolio shine

Attend interviews with a job-ready portfolio that includes research papers, CPD events, audit & QIP and more.

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